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Are Mentally Disabled Adults Given Short Shrift?

If one searches for information on Autism, one finds resources overwhelmingly related to children. Yet, surely the vast majority of autistic children grow to adulthood. This pattern can be found across many different types of mental disabilities.

I wonder if mental disabilities in children naturally inspire empathy in those who are neurotypical, but mentally disabled adults inspire fear or discomfort in those same individuals.


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Rhetoric and Reason

It’s been said “it is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing which he was never reasoned into.” Thus the power of rhetoric and emotional persuasion.

I wonder if there’s an overlap between being “principled,” and being open to logical arguments against a position one holds. Relatedly, I wonder if those who base their positions on emotion could be fairly described as “unprincipled.” Finally, I wonder how these different approaches to grasping truth relate to the political stances often called “conservative,” “progressive” and “libertarian.”


Facts have a well-known _____ bias

As we move increasingly into a “big data” world, it will be important to remember that:

– Data aren’t able to analyze themselves.

– Nothing empirical is self-evident.

– False theories can still accurately predict data.


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